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Lillies Shoot

I spent Saturday afternoon with the very beautiful Lillie who turned one last week. This little angel was just chilled all the way through. We shot some initial shots with Lillie's great great grandmothers handmade blanket which has been kept in the family. I love traditions like that, call me a sentimental fool but it makes the shoots a little more special and links generations.

After the initial shoot we moved onto the cake smash, it seems Lillie liked to feel it on her feet rather than eat it. We even had the cake opened to tempt Lillie to eat the cake rather than just the icing - it didn't work but the hidden cheese puffs helped.

Now as I said Lillie was chilled - this became even more apparent ince she was in the splash tub. Trying to get her to look at the camera and away from the bubbles was hard work. This baby loves the water.

Here are a few sneak peak images of the very beautiful Lille

#Cakesmash #cake #splash #blanket #tradition #sentiment #eyes #birthday #beautiful #cakephotography #splashphotography #bubbles #tub #birthdayshoot

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