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The very handsome Eze

Today I got to spend time with a little fella that stole my heart. Eze is such a cool little dude who likes nothing more than music (I won't mention the songs he likes though ;) )

Bad timing on my part led to him being overdue for his nap, but despite this he was such a happy boy, He had plenty of cheering from the sidelines from his mum and dad plus his uncle, aunty and of course Nanny!

I am in love with so many of his shots, its going to be hard to narrow down. I had to rush through a quick edit tonight because I couldn't wait to see him again.

#cakephotography #beautiful #birthday #splash #tub #splashphotography #fun #bath #Cakesmash #blue #boy #eyes #bubbles #dickiebow #braces

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